New York’s Newest High Rises Will Have a Casino and an Elevated Bridge to Connect Them

Silverstein Properties in New York has plans to build two skyscrapers on a 92,000 sq. ft. vacant plot in Manhattan. The plot is between 41st Street and 11th Avenue. A public sky bridge 630 ft above street level will connect two 46-story towers. The complex will encompass 1.8 million sq. ft. altogether and include a hotel, gaming, entertainment, and housing. The project site is fully owned and controlled by Silverstein.

Gaming and entertainment

Top architects, Steelman Partners, and CetraRuddy jointly designed the new development called the Avenir. It will have a 600,000 sq. ft. and eight gaming stories and entertainment hubs at its base. This will include a casino in partnership with Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, the parent company of Parx Casino. An experienced management team leads Greenwood Gaming. This team has much experience in designing, developing, and operating casinos.

Parx Casino is the largest retail casino in Pennsylvania and also has online casinos in several states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan. Players can use casino apps to play a range of casino games in these locations.

Hotel and restaurants

Silverstein has already developed two Four Seasons hotels. Larry Silverstein, Chairman of Silverstein Properties, is in discussions with various top hotel developers. Plans are for the hotel to have 1,000 luxury rooms. At the base of the complex will also be at least 12 restaurants and a food hall that displays local restaurants.

Affordable housing

The Avenue will also offer permanently affordable housing. Silverstein Properties has built 549 affordable housing units in Hell’s Kitchen over the years. The 100 or so apartments will be available through New York’s housing lottery system. According to Larry Silverstein, New York faces a confluence of historic challenges. These include a housing crisis, budget shortfalls, and a commercial real estate market in transition. With its permanently affordable apartments, this project could be another step toward creating more inclusive urban communities.

Performance hall

The 1,000-seat performance hall on the 45th floor will host concerts and be open to local community and school groups. It is close to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center where many major events take place every year and millions of people attend. The performance hall isn’t designed to compete with Broadway theaters but to complement them.

Green credentials

Silverstein Properties has developed some of the most energy-efficient and sustainable buildings in America. It plans to do the same with the Avenir. The project will be all-electric with no fossil fuels on-site. Recycled and renewable construction materials and energy-efficient building systems will be used to build it. It will help set new standards for environmental responsibility and offer a luxurious yet mindful lifestyle.

Neighborhood impact

Silverstein Properties has partnered with other companies to study the project’s impact on the immediate neighborhood. This includes Hell’s Kitchen to the north and Hudson Yards to the south. Considering the local community, the company has a well-known commitment to sustainable development. The Avenir project could provide an opportunity to create affordable housing, jobs, and economic growth in an often overlooked part of the city.

A new landmark

Some of the best buildings in New York such as the Metropolitan Life Tower and Trinity Church are tall, stunningly beautiful buildings. The Avenir could become a familiar landmark in Manhattan in the future with its innovative sky bridge and towers. It won’t be just another high rise but a hive of activity that supports urban living, entertainment, and sustainability.

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