Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event is Back Second time: New Skins and Exciting Rewards Await!

Once again Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event is back with much more rewards than before. If you missed the first event then it’s a great time to experience B. Duck and you have the opportunity to complete your B. Duck collection. If you want to do better, then we have some advice for you why don’t you just purchase cheap IDV echoes and boost up your account to do well in Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event

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The B.Duck Crossover Event is Back!

As we know the first Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event when introduced on April 28th to June 4th 2022, there was so much to experience from different B. Duck and Breeze Graffiti to accessories and there were also a dozen clues by completing simple missions throughout the first phase of Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event.

Now this event is back in Identity V, running from June 6 to June 30, 2024. This collaboration between NetEase Games and the beloved Chinese mascot, B.Duck, is a delightful blend of cute and creepy. B. Duck’s playful design adds a fun twist to the game’s eerie atmosphere.

What’s New?

During this event, players can unlock a treasure trove of new and exclusive skins and items. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • S-tier Skin for Guard 26: B-Duck
  • A-tier Skin for Mercenary: B-Duck Style
  • Thematic Furniture Pieces: A-tier B-Duck Bathtub and B-tier B-Duck Photo Frame

Identity V x B.Duck Crossover Event Time Exclusive Rewards

Participate in the B.Duck event and snag some cool free rewards that will enhance your gaming experience. These include:

  • Portraits: “B-Duck” and “Rice”
  • Graffiti: “B-Duck” and “Rice”
  • B-tier Accessory: “Beeze” (a cute yellow bee)
  • B-tier Pet: “Tiny B.Duck”

But that’s not all! The Lucky Dice event offers even more goodies like portraits and graffiti for Buffy and Jack, along with various trial cards and other rewards. Plus, with the season finale around the corner, you can earn extra logic points per match and push your limits to the max!

Rank rewards this season are inspired by DNA and nature, with cool items like Evil Reptilian’s A-tier accessory Evolution and Cowboy’s Boomerang, adding a unique flair to the game.

Community Buzz and Developer Notes

Identity V x B. Duck Crossover Event is Back Second time New Skins and Exciting Rewards Await!

The Identity V community is thrilled! The fans and the Twiv Squad have been receiving appreciation from the developers for their support. They have also responded to the more current voting issues through stating that better guidelines for future voting will be set in place to avoid cheating and enhance the overall fun of the game.

There are lots of whispers regarding what is to come next and what to expect. The rumors have it that there could be a new character known as Tarot Lady in the second part of the upcoming season of the show. Also, an update on the anniversary scent around the globe and the Hullabaloo story event with the enigmatic Hunter Goatman is yet to be released. Stay tuned!


With a plethora of new skins, items, and rewards, the B.Duck crossover event in Identity V is a must-experience for all fans. Jump into the event, collect your favorite items, and gear up for the thrilling adventures that Season 32 has in store.

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