Erin Moriarty Net Worth Revealed: The Surprising Truth!

Erin Moriarty’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, which she earned through her acting career.

Erin Moriarty, born June 24, 1994, is a talented American actress. She gained prominence for her role as Starlight in the popular TV series “The Boys. ” Her career began with minor roles in shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

” She then moved on to more significant roles in movies like “The Kings of Summer” and “Captain Fantastic. ” Moriarty’s performances have been widely appreciated, contributing to her growing fame and net worth. Her dedication to her craft and versatility as an actress solidified her position in Hollywood. Fans eagerly await her future projects.

Erin Moriarty’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Erin Elair Moriarty
Date of Birth June 24, 1994
Age 29 years old
Birthplace New York City, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Known For Role as Annie January / Starlight in The Boys (2019–present)
Notable Roles – Jessica Jones (2015)
– True Detective (2014)
– Red Widow (2013)
Filmography – The Kings of Summer (indie film)
– Captain Fantastic (supporting role)
Net  Worth $1.5 Million

Erin Moriarty Net Worth Revealed The Surprising Truth!


Erin Moriarty’s Rise To Stardom

Erin Moriarty’s journey to fame is both inspiring and fascinating. From her early days in acting to her breakthrough roles, she has become a household name. Her net worth reflects her success and dedication to her craft.

Early Acting Career

Erin Moriarty began acting at a young age. She showed her talent in school plays and local theatre. Her passion for acting was evident early on.

At 11, Erin landed her first professional role in the soap opera One Life to Live, which started her professional acting career.

Breakthrough Roles

Erin Moriarty’s big break came with the TV series True Detective, where she played Audrey Hart. This role opened many doors for her.

After True Detective, Erin starred in Jessica Jones, playing Hope Shlottman. Her performance was widely praised.

Her most notable role is in The Boys. Erin plays the character Starlight. This role has significantly boosted her net worth.

Show Role Impact
One Life to Live Whitney Bennett First professional role
True Detective Audrey Hart Breakthrough role
Jessica Jones Hope Shlottman Critical acclaim
The Boys Starlight Mainstream success

Erin’s rise to stardom has been marked by hard work and dedication. Her roles have shown her range as an actress. Each performance has added to her growing net worth.

Evaluating Moriarty’s Finances

Erin Moriarty has captured hearts with her role in ‘The Boys’. Her net worth reflects her success. Let’s explore her income sources and salary.

Income Sources

Erin Moriarty’s primary income source is acting. She earns from TV shows, movies, and endorsements.

  • TV Shows: Erin has appeared in many popular TV shows.
  • Movies: She has acted in several high-grossing films.
  • Endorsements: Erin partners with top brands for lucrative deals.

Her diverse income sources contribute significantly to her net worth.

Salary From ‘the Boys’

Erin Moriarty’s role in ‘The Boys significantly contributes to her earnings. Her salary from the show is substantial.

Season Salary Per Episode
Season 1 $50,000
Season 2 $75,000
Season 3 $100,000

The success of ‘The Boys’ has significantly boosted Erin’s income. Her salary per episode increased with each season.

Erin Moriarty Net Worth Revealed The Surprising Truth!

Celebrity Wealth Comparisons

Erin Moriarty’s meteoric rise in Hollywood has grown her net worth rapidly. But how does her wealth compare to that of her peers and the top earners in Hollywood? Let’s examine the numbers.

Peers In The Industry

Erin Moriarty is known for her role in “The Boys.” Many of her peers are also young actors making a mark.

  • Millie Bobby Brown is known for “Stranger Things.” Estimated net worth: $10 million.
  • Sophie Turner – Starred in “Game of Thrones.” Estimated net worth: $8 million.
  • Maisie Williams – Also from “Game of Thrones.” Estimated net worth: $6 million.

These young stars have impressive wealth. Erin Moriarty, with an estimated net worth of $4 million, is just a little behind.

Top Earners In Hollywood

Hollywood is home to some of the world’s richest actors. These top earners have net worths in the hundreds of millions.

Celebrity Net Worth Notable Works
George Clooney $500 million Ocean’s Eleven, ER
Tom Cruise $570 million Mission Impossible, Top Gun
Oprah Winfrey $2.6 billion The Oprah Winfrey Show

Erin Moriarty’s wealth may still need to match these figures. But she is definitely on the rise and making her mark in Hollywood.

Moriarty’s Box Office Impact

Erin Moriarty has made a significant mark at the box office. Her roles in blockbuster films and popular TV series have showcased her talent and contributed significantly to her net worth. Let’s delve into her influence on ticket sales and her profit participation.

Ticket Sales Influence

Erin Moriarty’s performances have driven substantial ticket sales. Her breakout role in “The Boys” attracted a massive audience, boosting popularity. This success translated to impressive box office numbers for the series’ affiliated merchandise and spin-offs.

In films, Erin’s presence has been a box office magnet. Movies like “Captain Fantastic” saw increased ticket sales due to her engaging performance. Her ability to connect with audiences has made her a valuable asset for producers and studios.

Profit Participation

Beyond ticket sales, Erin Moriarty’s net worth benefits from profit participation. She often negotiates deals that include a share of the film’s profits, a strategic move that ensures she earns from the movie’s long-term success.

For instance, her role in “The Boys” includes profit-sharing clauses. This agreement has significantly boosted her earnings, given the show’s ongoing success and multiple seasons. Erin’s intelligent financial decisions and acting talent have solidified her position in the industry.

Endorsements And Sponsorships

Erin Moriarty’s net worth is on a steady rise. Her success in the entertainment industry has attracted numerous endorsements and sponsorships. These deals have significantly contributed to her financial growth.

Brand Deals

Erin Moriarty has collaborated with several top brands. Her popularity in “The Boys” TV series has made her a sought-after celebrity. Below is a table showcasing some of her notable brand deals:

Brand Type of Deal Year
Nike Sportswear Campaign 2021
L’Oréal Beauty Ambassador 2020
Apple Product Endorsement 2019


Erin Moriarty’s marketability is high. She appeals to a broad audience. Her roles in popular shows make her a brand favourite. This has led to:

  • Increased social media followers
  • Higher engagement rates
  • More lucrative sponsorships

Erin’s marketability ensures brands get maximum exposure. Her youthful image and acting talent make her an asset, helping her secure top-tier brand deals.

Real Estate And Investments

Erin Moriarty, known for her stellar acting, has made wise financial choices. Her net worth isn’t just from her acting. She has invested in real estate and other ventures. Let’s dive into her property holdings and smart money moves.

Property Holdings

Erin Moriarty owns several properties, each adding value to her net worth. She has a house in Los Angeles, known for its high property values. Her LA home is luxurious and spacious, with a modern design and high-end amenities.

She also owns an apartment in New York City, which is famous for its real estate value. Owning property here shows her smart investment sense. Erin’s NYC apartment is in a prime location, close to popular landmarks and attractions.

In addition, she has a vacation home in the Hamptons. This home offers a serene escape from city life. Her Hamptons property is private and lavish, perfect for relaxation.

Property Location Type Features
Los Angeles House Modern design, high-end amenities
New York City Apartment Prime location, close to landmarks
Hamptons Vacation Home A private, lavish, serene escape

Smart Money Moves

Erin Moriarty doesn’t just invest in real estate. She has diversified her investments wisely. Her portfolio includes stocks and mutual funds. This helps her grow her wealth steadily.

Erin also invests in startups. She sees potential in new businesses and gains high returns by investing early, which is an intelligent move that has increased her net worth.

She believes in sustainable investments and supports eco-friendly companies, which helps her earn money and make a positive impact.

Erin also seeks advice from financial experts, which ensures her investments are safe and profitable. She stays updated on market trends, which helps her make informed decisions.

  • Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Startups with high potential
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly companies
  • Advice from financial experts
  • Staying updated on market trends

Erin Moriarty Net Worth Revealed The Surprising Truth!

Public Appearances And Event Earnings

Her public appearances boost Erin Moriarty’s net worth. She attends conventions, speaks at events, and participates in various activities. These engagements add significantly to her income.


Conventions are a significant source of income for Erin Moriarty. She is a popular guest at many fan conventions, where fans pay for autographs, photos, and meet-and-greet sessions. This can result in substantial earnings.

Convention Estimated Earnings
Comic-Con $50,000
WonderCon $30,000
Dragon Con $25,000

These events attract large crowds. Erin’s charm and popularity make her a big draw. Her presence at these events boosts ticket sales and fan engagement.

Guest Speaking Fees

Erin Moriarty also earns from guest speaking engagements. She is invited to speak at various events, including film festivals, awards ceremonies, and industry panels.

  • Film Festivals: $15,000 per event
  • Awards Ceremonies: $20,000 per event
  • Industry Panels: $10,000 per event

Guest speaking fees vary based on the event size. Erin’s insights into the entertainment industry are highly valued. Her engaging speaking style captivates audiences.

These public appearances and speaking fees significantly enhance Erin Moriarty’s net worth. Her active participation in these events ensures a steady stream of income.

Charity Work And Philanthropy

Erin Moriarty is not only a talented actress but also a compassionate philanthropist. She dedicates her time and resources to various causes, positively impacting society. Her charity work reflects her commitment to giving back and helping those in need.

Non-profit Contributions

Erin has supported numerous non-profit organizations throughout her career. She has actively participated in fundraising events and awareness campaigns. Below are some of the critical non-profits she supports:

  • Save the Children: Erin contributes to improving children’s lives globally.
  • Environmental Defense Fund: She supports initiatives to protect the environment.
  • Feeding America: Erin helps provide meals to families in need.

Impact On Net Worth

Her charity work influences Erin Moriarty’s net worth. By donating to causes, she may receive tax benefits. Her philanthropic efforts also enhance her public image, leading to more opportunities. Below is a table showing the potential impact:

Factor Impact on Net Worth
Tax Benefits Reduces taxable income
Public Image Attracts brand endorsements
Networking Leads to new projects

Erin’s dedication to charity work sets an example for her fans. It shows that true success comes from helping others.

The Future Of Erin Moriarty’s Wealth

Erin Moriarty’s wealth looks bright in the future. This talented actress has captivated audiences with her performances. But what’s next for her financial journey? Let’s explore the factors that could shape her net worth in the coming years.

Potential Projects

Erin Moriarty has already made a name in the industry. With her growing popularity, more opportunities are likely to come her way. Possible projects include:

  • High-profile movies: She may land roles in major films.
  • TV series: More leading roles in popular TV shows.
  • Endorsements: Brand deals and sponsorships are likely.

These projects could significantly boost her income. More exposure often leads to better financial deals. Erin’s talent and charisma make her a prime candidate for such offers.

Long-term Financial Health

Erin Moriarty’s long-term financial health depends on intelligent decisions. Here are some factors that could affect her wealth:

Factor Impact
Investments Wise investments can grow her wealth.
Savings Maintaining a solid savings plan is crucial.
Spending Controlled spending ensures financial stability.

By focusing on these aspects, Erin can secure her financial future. A balanced approach to spending and investing can help her maintain and grow her wealth.

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Erin Moriarty’s net worth reflects her talent and dedication to the entertainment industry. Her impressive career continues to grow, promising even greater success. Fans and followers eagerly watch her rise, anticipating more remarkable performances. Erin Moriarty’s financial achievements are a testament to her hard work and perseverance in Hollywood.

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