Dale Robertson Net Worth In 2024 And Biography

Dale Robertson’s net worth was estimated at $5 million at the time of his passing in 2013. He earned his wealth through acting and ranching.

Dale Robertson, an American actor, was best known for his roles in Westerns. Born on July 14, 1923, he starred in numerous TV series and movies. His most notable role was as Jim Hardie in “Tales of Wells Fargo. ” Robertson’s rugged persona and charm made him a favourite among fans.

He also served in World War II before pursuing acting. His career spanned over five decades, leaving a lasting legacy in Hollywood. Besides acting, he was a successful rancher. His diverse talents and hard work contributed significantly to his net worth.

Dale Robertson’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Dayle Lymoine Robertson
Birth Date July 14, 1923
Place of Birth Harrah, Oklahoma, U.S.
Death Date February 27, 2013 (aged 89)
Place of Death La Jolla, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Career Span 1948–1994
Notable Roles – Jim Hardie in Tales of Wells Fargo (TV series)
– Ben Calhoun in Iron Horse (TV series)
Awards – Golden Boot Award (1985)
Spouses – Frederica Jacqueline Wilson (1951–1956; divorced)
– Mary Murphy (1956–1956; annulled)
– Lula Mae Robertson (m. 1959–1977; two daughters)
– Susan Robbins Robertson (married 1980–2013; his death)
Military Service – Served in the U.S. Army during World War II
– Commissioned through Officer Candidate School
– Wounded twice and awarded the Bronze and Silver Star medals

Dale Robertson Net Worth

Dale Robertson’s Rise To Fame

Dale Robertson, a celebrated actor, captivated audiences with his charm and talent. His journey from humble beginnings to stardom is genuinely inspiring. Let’s explore his early career and breakthrough roles that defined his legacy.

Early Career Beginnings

Dale Robertson was born on July 14, 1923, in Harrah, Oklahoma. He grew up on his family’s ranch, where his parents instilled a love for horses and the outdoors. This rural upbringing played a significant role in shaping his future.

During World War II, Dale served in the U.S. Army. His bravery earned him awards, including the Bronze and Silver Stars. After the war, he pursued acting, starting with minor roles in films.

His rugged good looks and natural talent quickly caught the attention of casting directors. He began to land more substantial roles, setting the stage for his rise to fame.

Breakthrough Roles

Dale’s first major break came in 1949 with the movie Fighting Man of the Plains. His performance as a cowboy established him as a rising star in Hollywood.

His role in the TV series “Tales of Wells Fargo” gained further recognition. This show ran from 1957 to 1962 and made him a household name.

His charismatic portrayal of Jim Hardie won the hearts of many viewers. Dale continued to star in numerous westerns, solidifying his place in the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Dale appeared in over 60 films and TV shows. His versatility and dedication made him a beloved figure in Hollywood.

Westerns And War Films

Dale Robertson’s acting career spanned several decades. He became a household name for his roles in Westerns and war films. These genres significantly contributed to his fame and net worth. Let’s dive into his iconic cowboy portrayals and his contributions to the war genre.

Iconic Cowboy Portrayals

Dale Robertson excelled in cowboy roles. He starred in numerous westerns, capturing the essence of the rugged frontier life. His most famous role was in the TV series Tales of Wells Fargo, where he played Jim Hardie. This role made him a beloved figure in American homes.

Another notable western was “The Iron Horse”. Robertson portrayed Ben Calhoun, a railroad tycoon. His performance showcased his versatility and charisma. These roles helped him amass a significant portion of his net worth.

Here are some of his other memorable cowboy roles:

  • “Dakota Incident”
  • “A Day of Fury”
  • “Sitting Bull”

Contributions To The War Genre

Robertson also made his mark in war films, and his roles in these movies further boosted his career and net worth. One of his standout performances was in the film Battleground, in which he portrayed a brave soldier during World War II.

He also starred in The Silver Whip, a movie that blended elements of Westerns and war. His role in The One-Eyed Soldiers was another highlight. He played a complex character, showing his range as an actor.

Here is a table summarizing some of his crucial war film roles:

Film Title Role
“Battleground” Soldier
“The Silver Whip” Western Soldier
“The One-Eyed Soldiers” Complex Character

Robertson’s performances in these genres left a lasting impact. They played a significant role in building his legacy and wealth.

Television Stardom

Dale Robertson transitioned from film to television with great success. His charm captivated audiences, and his roles in TV series boosted his net worth significantly. Let’s explore his journey from the silver screen to TV stardom.

Dale Robertson Net Worth

From Silver Screen To TV Series

Dale Robertson started his career in films but found lasting fame on TV. His rugged looks and strong screen presence made him a favourite in many households.

He starred in several successful TV series, which increased his popularity. His roles in Western TV shows were particularly well-received.

Memorable Tv Appearances

Robertson’s TV career includes many memorable roles. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Tales of Wells Fargo: Dale played Jim Hardie, a special agent. This role ran from 1957 to 1962 and remains one of his most iconic performances.
  • Iron Horse: He portrayed Ben Calhoun, a gambler turned railroad owner. This series, which aired from 1966 to 1968, showcased his versatility.
  • Death Valley Days: Dale hosted and narrated this popular anthology series. His involvement added a personal touch to the show.

His TV roles not only entertained millions but also contributed significantly to his net worth. Through these appearances, Dale Robertson became a household name.

Financial Ventures Beyond Acting

Dale Robertson was more than just an actor. He expanded his wealth through shrewd financial ventures. His intelligent business decisions and investments ensured his financial stability beyond his acting career. Let’s explore his business investments and real estate holdings.

Business Investments

Robertson’s business acumen is well-known. He had a keen eye for profitable ventures. He invested in various industries, diversifying his income sources.

  • Horse Ranching: He owned a thriving horse ranch. This venture was close to his heart, reflecting his love for horses.
  • Oil Investments: Dale also invested in the oil industry. This move capitalized on the booming energy sector, increasing his wealth significantly.

Real Estate Holdings

Real estate was another area where Robertson excelled. His investments in properties provided a steady income stream.

Property Type Location Approximate Value
Ranch Oklahoma $3 Million
Residential Property California $5 Million

His real estate portfolio included high-value properties. This ensured long-term financial security.

Robertson’s ventures beyond acting highlight his financial wisdom. His investments and real estate holdings contributed significantly to his net worth.

Net Worth Estimations

Dale Robertson, a legendary actor, left an indelible mark in the entertainment world. Estimating his net worth involves examining his assets and earnings and comparing his wealth to others.

Assessing Assets And Earnings

Dale Robertson’s wealth came from various sources. His primary income was from acting. He starred in many hit movies and TV shows, and his role in Tales of Wells Fargo was especially popular.

Robertson also earned from endorsements and public appearances. He wrote a book, adding to his income. Dale owned properties, further boosting his net worth.

Let’s look at his earnings in a table:

Source Earnings
Acting $5 million
Endorsements $1 million
Book Sales $500,000
Real Estate $2 million

Comparative Wealth Analysis

Comparing Dale Robertson’s net worth with others shows his success. Many actors from his era had similar earnings. Yet, his wise investments set him apart.

Let’s compare his wealth with other stars:

  • John Wayne: $7 million
  • Gary Cooper: $8 million
  • Dale Robertson: $8.5 million

Robertson’s net worth stood firm among peers. His diverse income sources helped him amass substantial wealth.

Lifestyle And Expenditures

Properties And Luxuries

Dale Robertson, a celebrated actor, amassed significant wealth during his career. His lifestyle reflects his success, with expenditures that mirror his achievements in Hollywood. From luxurious properties to philanthropic efforts, his spending habits offer a glimpse into his life beyond the screen.

Properties And Luxuries

Dale Robertson owned several luxurious properties throughout his life. His primary residence was a stunning ranch in Oklahoma. The ranch covered thousands of acres, providing ample space for his horses, a passion of his.

In addition to his ranch, he owned a beautiful home in Beverly Hills. This home featured state-of-the-art amenities and elegant decor, making it the perfect retreat for the actor when he needed a break from his busy schedule.

Robertson also enjoyed collecting classic cars. His collection included rare models that showcased his love for vintage automobiles. These cars were not just for show; he often took them for a spin on weekends.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Dale Robertson was known for his generosity and commitment to giving back to the community. He supported several charities and foundations, focusing on children’s education and animal welfare.

  • Children’s Education: He funded scholarships and donated to schools in underprivileged areas.
  • Animal Welfare: His love for animals translated into significant donations to shelters and wildlife conservation programs.

Robertson also participated in numerous charity events, which helped raise awareness and funds for various causes. His contributions made a lasting impact on many lives.

Controversies And Legal Battles

Dale Robertson, the beloved actor, faced many challenges throughout his career. Some of these challenges came in the form of controversies and legal battles. These disputes often affected his wealth and finances. This section explores how these issues impacted his net worth.

Disputes Affecting Wealth

Legal disputes can drain financial resources quickly. Dale Robertson experienced several such disputes, including disagreements over contracts and allegations of breach of agreements. Each dispute required legal representation and court fees.

One major dispute involved a producer claiming breach of contract. The legal fees and settlement costs were substantial. These expenses significantly impacted Dale Robertson’s net worth.

Another notable dispute was over property rights. Dale had to spend a considerable amount on legal fees to resolve the matter, which further affected his financial standing.

Impact Of Legal Issues On Finances

Legal issues can have a lasting effect on finances. For Dale Robertson, the impact was significant. Ongoing legal battles meant continuous financial strain, which affected his ability to invest in new projects.

Legal fees and settlement costs were not the only financial burdens. Time spent dealing with legal issues also meant lost opportunities, which could have increased his wealth.

Moreover, legal battles often attract media attention. Negative publicity can affect an actor’s marketability. In Dale’s case, this led to fewer roles and reduced income. This cycle of legal issues and financial impact was a significant factor in his overall net worth.

Legal Dispute Financial Impact Outcome
Contract Disagreement $150,000 in legal fees Settled out of court
Property Rights $200,000 in legal fees Won the case
Alleged Breach of Agreement $100,000 settlement cost Settled in court

Legacy And Posthumous Earnings

Dale Robertson, a name etched in the annals of Hollywood, left behind a remarkable legacy. His illustrious career in television and film continues to generate interest and revenue. Posthumous earnings keep his legacy alive, adding to his net worth even after his passing.

Royalties And Rights

Dale Robertson’s body of work includes numerous television shows and films. These continue to generate revenue through royalties. Every time a rerun airs or a DVD sells, his estate earns a portion.

Table summarizing his significant works and their ongoing earnings: TitleYearEstimated Annual EarningsTales of Wells Fargo1957-1962$50,000Iron Horse1966-1968$30,000Melvin Purvis: G-Man1974$10,000.

Estate Management

The management of Dale Robertson’s estate plays a crucial role in maintaining his net worth. Effective estate management ensures that all royalties and rights are collected and distributed efficiently.

Key responsibilities of the estate management team include:

  • Tracking royalties from various platforms
  • Negotiating new deals and renewals
  • Maintaining the value of his brand

His estate also benefits from memorabilia sales. Collectors and fans purchase items related to his career, adding another revenue stream.


Dale Robertson’s net worth reflects his successful career in Hollywood. His legacy continues to inspire many aspiring actors. Fans remember him not just for his wealth but for his talent and charisma. Robertson’s contributions to the entertainment industry remain significant.

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