Dale Robertson Net Worth In 2024 And Biography

Dale Robertson’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million at his death. He accumulated his wealth through acting and investments.

Dale Robertson was a renowned American actor best known for his Western films and TV series roles. His career spanned over five decades, making him a household name in Hollywood. He starred in popular series like “Tales of Wells Fargo” and “The Iron Horse.

” Born in Oklahoma in 1923, Robertson’s rugged charm and distinct voice made him a fan favourite. His contributions to the entertainment industry earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Beyond acting, Robertson also invested in thoroughbred racehorses, adding to his net worth.

Dale Robertson’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Dayle Lymoine Robertson
Birth Date July 14, 1923
Place of Birth Harrah, Oklahoma, U.S.
Date of Death February 27, 2013
Place of Death La Jolla, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years Active 1948–1994
Spouses – Frederica Jacqueline Wilson (1951–1956; divorced) (1 daughter)
– Mary Murphy (1956–1956; annulled)
– Lula Mae Robertson (m. 1959–1977; two daughters)
– Susan Robbins Robertson (married 1980–2013; his death)
Notable Roles – Jim Hardie in Tales of Wells Fargo (TV series)
– Ben Calhoun in Iron Horse (TV series)
Awards – Golden Boot Award (1985)
Military Service – Served in the U.S. Army during World War II
– Commissioned through Officer Candidate School
– Wounded twice and awarded the Bronze and Silver Star medals

Dale Robertson Net Worth

Dale Robertson’s Legacy

Dale Robertson left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Known for his rugged charm, he became a legend in Western films and television. His journey from a humble background to stardom is inspiring. Let’s explore his legacy and some of his iconic roles.

The Western Star’s Rise

Dale Robertson was born in Oklahoma in 1923. He had a passion for acting early on. Before his big break, he served in the military during World War II. His first significant role came in the movie “Fighting Man of the Plains” in 1949. This role catapulted him into fame. He became a household name, especially in Western genres. His charming personality and strong screen presence made him a favourite.

Key Roles And Performances

Robertson’s career spanned several decades. He starred in many successful films and TV shows. Some of his key roles include:

  • “Iron Horse” (1966-1968): He played Ben Calhoun, a railroad baron.
  • “Tales of Wells Fargo” (1957-1962): He portrayed Jim Hardie, a Wells Fargo agent.
  • “The Silver Whip” (1953): This film showcased his acting versatility.

In “Tales of Wells Fargo”, Dale’s portrayal of Jim Hardie won him critical acclaim. The show was a huge hit and ran for six seasons. His role in “Iron Horse” further solidified his place in Hollywood. He was known for his strong characters and memorable performances.

Role Show/Movie Year
Ben Calhoun Iron Horse 1966-1968
Jim Hardie Tales of Wells Fargo 1957-1962
Driver Race Crim The Silver Whip 1953

Dale Robertson’s contributions to the Western genre are unparalleled. His talent and dedication set him apart, and he remains a beloved figure in Hollywood history.

Assessing Net Worth

Dale Robertson, a renowned actor and veteran, had a multifaceted career. Understanding his net worth involves breaking down his various income sources and financial investments. This section dives deep into the elements that contributed to his wealth.

Sources Of Income

Dale Robertson’s primary income came from his acting career. He starred in numerous films and television shows. His roles in Westerns were prevalent. These roles earned him a significant salary.

He also made money through endorsements and public appearances. These activities boosted his earnings. Additionally, Dale was involved in various business ventures. These ventures further increased his income.

Real Estate And Investments

Dale Robertson invested in real estate. He owned several properties, which added to his wealth. Property investments often provide stable returns. Dale’s real estate holdings were no different.

He also had other investments, including stocks and bonds. Such investments diversify a portfolio and help grow wealth steadily over time.

Income Source Details
Acting Movies, TV shows
Endorsements Product Promotions
Public Appearances Event hosting
Real Estate Property investments
Investments Stocks, Bonds

Surprising Facts About His Fortune

Dale Robertson, the iconic actor known for his roles in Western films, amassed a substantial fortune. His wealth isn’t just from acting. Here are some surprising facts about how he built his fortune.

Uncommon Investments

Many know Dale Robertson for acting, but only some realize his unique investment strategies. Robertson invested in racehorses, which brought him significant returns. His passion for horses led him to own a successful horse-breeding farm, which generated steady income over the years.

Additionally, Robertson invested in real estate. He owned several properties in California and Oklahoma. These properties appreciated over time, boosting his net worth. His portfolio included both commercial and residential real estate. This diversity helped him weather economic fluctuations.

Philanthropy And Contributions

Dale Robertson was about more than just accumulating wealth. He was deeply involved in philanthropy. He donated generously to veteran organizations and supported animal welfare causes, reflecting his love for horses and animals.

Robertson’s charitable contributions extended to educational institutions. He funded scholarships for underprivileged students. His efforts ensured many young people could pursue their dreams. He believed in giving back to the community, ensuring his legacy lived on.

Investment Details
Racehorses Owned a horse-breeding farm
Real Estate Properties in California and Oklahoma

Dale Robertson’s fortune is a testament to his varied interests and generous heart. His investments and philanthropy made a lasting impact.

The Heyday Of Earnings

Dale Robertson Net Worth

Dale Robertson enjoyed a remarkable career in Hollywood. During his peak, he amassed significant wealth. This period, often called “The Heyday of Earnings”, saw him earning from multiple sources. Let’s dive into the details.

Salaries From Acting

During his prime, Dale Robertson starred in numerous films and TV shows. His acting skills earned him lucrative contracts. Here are some highlights:

Project Salary
Wells Fargo $50,000 per episode
Iron Horse $40,000 per episode
Dynasty $30,000 per episode

Endorsements And Sponsorships

Dale Robertson’s fame extended beyond the screen. He endorsed various brands and products. These deals significantly boosted his earnings. Here are a few notable endorsements:

  • Old Spice: $100,000 deal
  • Marlboro: $200,000 contract
  • Ford Motors: $150,000 sponsorship

These endorsements made him a household name and contributed greatly to his net worth. Dale Robertson was not just an actor but a brand himself.

Beyond The Screen

The iconic actor, Dale Robertson, was not just a figure on the screen. His interests and ventures extended far beyond his acting career. This multifaceted personality engaged in various activities significantly contributing to his net worth.

Business Ventures

Beyond acting, Dale Robertson was an astute businessman. He invested in several lucrative ventures that bolstered his wealth, and his keen business sense allowed him to diversify his income streams.

Robertson owned a prosperous ranch in Oklahoma. This ranch produced high-quality cattle, contributing significantly to his earnings. He also ventured into the oil industry, owning stakes in several profitable oil fields.

Business Contribution to Net Worth
Ranching High
Oil Investments Significant

Rodeo Interests

Dale Robertson had a profound love for rodeo. This passion played a significant role in his life beyond acting. His rodeo skills were a hobby and a source of income.

Robertson participated in numerous rodeo events, winning many competitions. He became a well-respected figure in the rodeo community. His rodeo interests also led him to train horses, adding another layer to his diverse portfolio.

  • Participation in rodeo competitions.
  • Training and selling high-quality horses.
  • We are building a reputation in the rodeo circuit.

Dale Robertson created a multifaceted legacy through his business ventures and rodeo interests. This approach ensured his financial success extended far beyond his acting career.

Personal Life And Expenses

Dale Robertson was a famous American actor who had a successful career in film and television. His net worth reflected his hard work and talent. Let’s examine his personal life and expenses to better understand his financial choices.

dale robertson net worth

Lifestyle Choices

Dale Robertson lived a life filled with both luxury and simplicity. He owned a beautiful ranch in Oklahoma, which was his primary residence and a symbol of his love for horses. He enjoyed horseback riding and spent much of his time outdoors.

He also had a passion for classic cars. His collection included several vintage models, which he maintained with care. These cars were not just for show; he often drove them around town.

Despite his wealth, Dale was known for his down-to-earth nature. He didn’t indulge in extravagant parties or lavish vacations. He preferred spending time at home or with close friends.

Family And Relationships

Dale was married four times, and his marriages and relationships played a significant role in his life. He had three daughters, each of whom he adored. He spent a lot on their education and well-being.

His family was always a priority. He ensured they lived comfortably, investing in their future. His generosity and care marked Dale’s relationships. He provided for his loved ones without hesitation.

He valued family traditions and often hosted gatherings at his ranch. These events strengthened his bond with his family and friends, and his expenses reflected his commitment to maintaining these relationships.

In summary, Dale Robertson’s personal life and expenses were a mix of passion, simplicity, and love for family. His lifestyle choices and relationships influenced how he spent his wealth, making his story unique and inspiring.

Financial Wisdom

Dale Robertson’s net worth was not just due to his acting career. His financial wisdom played a crucial role. Let’s explore the strategies and influences that helped him manage his wealth.

Money Management

Dale Robertson was a master of money management. He knew how to save and invest wisely. He always made sure to live within his means. This allowed him to build a substantial net worth over the years.

Dale often created detailed budgets. This helped him track his spending and save for future investments. He was also known for making intelligent choices with his money.

Here are some of his money management practices:

  • Creating a Budget: Keeping track of income and expenses.
  • Investing Wisely: Choosing investments with good returns.
  • Saving for the Future: Setting aside a portion of his income.

Advisors And Influences

Dale Robertson needed help managing his wealth. He had trusted advisors who guided him. These advisors played a significant role in his financial success.

Here is a table highlighting some key advisors and their roles:

Advisor Role
Financial Planner Helped with investment strategies
Accountant Managed taxes and financial records
Legal Advisor Handled legal aspects of investments

These advisors ensured Dale made informed decisions, helped him grow his wealth, and protected his financial interests.

Dale also had influences from peers and mentors. He learned from their successes and mistakes. This helped him avoid common financial pitfalls.

In summary, Dale Robertson’s financial wisdom blended innovative money management with trusted advice, allowing him to build and maintain his wealth effectively.

Preserving The Robertson Estate

Dale Robertson, a beloved actor and icon, left a significant legacy. Preserving the Robertson estate ensures his legacy continues to inspire generations. His estate, carefully managed, reflects his values and dedication.

Trusts And Wills

Trusts and wills play a crucial role in managing the Robertson estate. Dale Robertson ensured his assets were distributed according to his wishes. A well-structured system will prevent disputes and ensure fair distribution. Trusts provide additional security and tax benefits. They help maintain the estate’s value over time.

The Robertson estate includes various assets, including properties, investments, and memorabilia. Proper asset management is essential, and trust will facilitate this process effectively.

The Legacy Continues

Dale Robertson‘s legacy continues through his estate. His family and fans cherish his contributions to the entertainment industry, and the estate supports charitable causes he values. This ensures his influence remains strong.

Maintaining the estate involves various activities. These include preserving his memorabilia, supporting charities, and managing investments. Each activity reflects Dale Robertson’s values and vision.

The estate’s preservation is a testament to Dale Robertson’s enduring legacy. It ensures his memory remains vibrant, and his contributions continue to inspire future generations.

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Dale Robertson’s net worth reflects his successful career in Hollywood. His dedication and talent left a lasting impact. Fans continue to celebrate his contributions to film and television. Understanding his financial success offers insight into his legacy. Dale Robertson remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

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